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When communication fails and critical decisions are put on hold, families may benefit from the help of a skilled mediator to move forward. Family mediation is about caring for all parties concerned, not just parents and immediate children but grandparents, aunties, uncles, neighbours and school friends.

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When it comes to divorce and separation, civil courts focus on finger pointing and ascertaining the guilt or innocence of one party versus the other. For the majority of people, this can be highly stressful and can result in guilt, shame and rejection as it sets up winners and losers. Courts tend to focus on past actions and spoken words, which cannot be changed and often results in the tearing apart of the family fabric. There is a better way...

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While mediation is a cost effective process, it is more importantly respectful of the decision makers – the parents. As a result it is normally less stressful on the family as the parents decide the family future, not lawyers or judges.

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The mediator is a neutral who facilitates various possible solutions by way of a problem solving process. The process is confidential and is “without prejudice” meaning information shared during mediation cannot be re-used in court. However, the output (mediation agreement) can be used in court when it is agreed and signed by both parties. The agreement would typically cover assets (property, money and possessions) and arrangements for children. It can also address just a subset of these. They can also agree interim solutions, which may form part of the final settlement.

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